Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traktor Scartch Pro with Richie Hawtin

Digital Jockey Vs Disc Jockey

Digital Jockey is an new era of Djing. Lots of International Dj willing invest the time and money in Digital Jockey is because it allows you to play different kind of music at one time. Some other people will misused the Digital Jockey software like Traktor to just focus on the beat matching by pressing the button "sync" For me, less fun you will have when you just press the button of "sync" it is meaningless.
The ability of Digital Jockey is beyond our expectation it allows not only can play different kind of music at one time and also a better song management and time management.
Definetely you need more time to do some research and homework when you start learning digital jockey. There are some clips that is quite helpful for the people who wants to know how the digital jockey works exactly and Richie Hawtin is one of the Traktor expert, i strongly believe.

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