Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is it people! My blog that i have been waiting for a long time since last year. Of course need to give a big thank to my buddies and chickadees that willing to share their skill in blogging, you guys rocks!!! "Mikaelectro" basically came from the combination of my name n music genre. I love Djing and i love most of the house genre like electro, techno, tech house, dance house, nu-wave and progressive. Among all the genre, electro is my kick! It gives me satisfaction which hardly explain. So thats where "Mikaelectro" formed, Mikael+Electro. Somehow i think is kind of lame. :)
Life is like a chapter for me, different time, place and people and there is where chapter formed. The chapter will not finish until the day we gone and this blog is my "Unfinished Chapter"
All kind of experience, life, thought, food, fashion, music and technology will be share in my blog. Hope you guys will like it!

What a view the Downtown of Honolulu. Miss it very much! Damn.

One of the famous landmark along Waikiki. Used to jog here almost everyday is just priceless no way u can compare to a treadmill.....

No Joke People!!! Dog that can surf at Waikiki beach, they just popular as compare to the celebrity. Wondering how are they doing now....


In 1905,Charles H.Beckman is the founder of Red Wing Shoe. The manufacturer formed in a small town at Minnesota called Red Wing town. Most of the soldier war wearing the Red Wing shoe in World War 1, the durability and the quality is the main reason for the soldier to wear it. The shoe cost USD 1.95 at that time and today the shoe can goes to USD 300 per pair!!!

Red Wing 8166 is the legend and is my very first pair of Red Wing!!! It is so addictive that i am planning get more.Poison!!!

Got Boot, Got Mink Oil

When you get a pair leather boot, mink oil is a must! Basically, mink oil is made from animal fats that absorb fast in any leather material.

Tokyo Restaurant

The dishes are very home cook and price is very reasonable. Although the ambience of the shop is not that attracting but it worth it till you try it, never judge a book by its cover you will amaze! The shop is located at Kampung Benggali, Butterworth. Penang.

Neighborhood finally touchdown at JUICE Malaysia

At last you people can purchase it in JUICE Malaysia and bye-bye to those high price reseller.

Jay-Z with Danny Clinch Project

Jay-Z the Amazing Guy, i should say. It gives me goose-bump!!!

The video that hit more than 35million of viewer in Youtube. Nuff Said!!!